4 Decades of Women Rabbis In the Rabbinate and SWFS

A Havdalah Conversation with SWFS' Women Rabbis

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the ordination of Rabbi Sally Priesand, America's first woman rabbi, SWFS' four women rabbis reflected on their time at SWFS, the changes over the past 40 years and the future of women in the rabbinate.

Sally Preisand

Rabbi Sally J. Priesand, America’s First Woman Rabbi, Assistant/Associate Rabbi, SWFS 1972–1979

Helene Ferris

Rabbi Helene Ferris, First Second-Career Woman Rabbi, Associate Rabbi, SWFS 1981–1991

Dena Klein

Rabbi Dena Klein, Director of Special Programs at SWFS 2005–2009

Beth Kalisch for Havdalah

Rabbi Beth Kalisch,
Associate Rabbi, SWFS 2009–2012

Moderated by SWFS member Rabbi Laurie Katz Braun, Immediate Past President, Women’s Rabbinic Network.

SWFS is proud of its part in advancing women in the rabbinate. Each  guest played an important part in our history and our synagogue in turn has played a key role in promoting equal rights in the pulpit.