The SWFS Next Step Homeless Shelter works in conjunction with GCNSSC Mainchance Drop-in Center and the Department of Homeless Services to provide shelter for ten men, five nights a week nine months of the year. Our goal is to provide a warm, caring, and safe environment for men who are in a transitional period in their lives.

For more information or to volunteer please email the Shelter.


What can a volunteer do?

Help set up the shelter room and cook dinner for the men; sleep overnight at the shelter; donate food and supplies (check out The Shelter List), donate Friday night dinner, visit the shelter to show your support.

When can I volunteer?

Monday through Friday evenings.

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Volunteer to cook and serve dinner at the shelter or sleep overnight.


Cook and Serve Dinner

Sleep Overnight

What times are volunteers needed?

Set up and cooking 6-8 pm
Sleepover volunteers 8 pm-6:30 am

Where is the Shelter?

In the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue Berns Lounge