Parent Community

Parents play an integral role in the Early Childhood Center's activities and events, and we welcome and encourage families to take advantage of the many opportunities to become involved. The ECC is extremely fortunate to have active and dedicated parents who work hand in hand with administrators and teachers to support our various programs and projects. 

ECC Strategic Planning Committee

This committee serves as a policy-making body for the ECC as well as an advisory committee of the synagogue. It is comprised of one or more members of the synagogue’s board of directors, a Parents Association chair representative, an Auction chair representative, a Jewish Early Childhood Collaborative representative, a teacher representative, and ECC parents who have expertise in various fields such as budgeting, human resources, or education.

The committee meets monthly and addresses issues relating to school policies, the preparation of the ECC’s budget, and the allocation of funds raised through ECC events, as well as many synagogue-related issues. Committee members are appointed by the synagogue’s board of directors.

Parents Association

The Parents Association (PA) is a committee run by parents of ECC children that serves as the umbrella organization for all of the events and fundraising activities that occur at the ECC throughout the year.

The PA also serves as a vital link between the parent community and ECC. The director and/or assistant director attends all PA meetings, where updates concerning important school-related issues are discussed. Each ECC classroom is represented by class parents, who foster communication between the parents in their classrooms and the PA. PA meetings are held approximately every month; all parents are welcome.