Our Philosophy

We believe that children learn by doing. Play is at the heart of the learning process, and through play our children are encouraged to explore their surroundings, interact with their teachers and peers, and work with a wide variety of materials to create, build, and experiment. We provide a learning environment that is welcoming, nurturing, and stimulating.

Jewish identity is important to our philosophy. We work to infuse Jewish values into everyday life and to find meaningful ways to celebrate Shabbat and holidays.

Our programs are designed around all forms of a child’s growth and development: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. We take an interdisciplinary approach to learning, where children’s interests are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. For example, a class that is interested in trees might be encouraged to paint pictures of trees they have seen in Central Park, read books about trees that grow in the rainforest, sway like trees in the wind during movement time, plant seedlings in the rooftop garden, and cook with fruit that grows on trees.