Celebrate your child’s bar/bar mitzvah with your family in Israel!

Under the leadership of Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue will prepare your child to lead their bar/bat mitzvah celebration at Beit Daniel in Tel Aviv. Two  progressive synagogues work together to create a seamless, individualized, transatlantic experience for you and your child. To learn more, please contact Sarit Ron at or 212-877-4050, ext. 254.


Download information sheet (in Hebrew). To learn more, please contact Sarit Ron at or 212-877-4050, ext. 254.


We would like to thank you all for helping us celebrate Omri’s bar mitzvah and for helping us make it such a meaningful and emotional event. Omri arrived at Beit Daniel well prepared and self-assured. After six months of studying, he was familiar with all the blessings and with his portion of Parashat Va'etchanan. He was able to read the entire text calmly and confidently in front of our family and friends. Stephen Wise Free Synagogue and Beit Daniel made sure that the preparations and the event itself went smoothly. The teams on both sides were friendly, dedicated, immediate in their responses, and eager to make our event a great success. All of our guests — children and adults, both orthodox and secular — enjoyed the service and were engaged and enticed by Cantor Fredi and Rabbi Galia.

The team introduced “religion” to our family in an inviting and pleasant way. The celebration that followed the ceremony was beautiful and easy to coordinate. We were also very happy that Omri had a chance to join a ceremony of putting on tefillin at Beit Daniel. Buying tefillin with his grandfather and putting them on in a ceremony at Beit Daniel created a special Jewish and personal moment for Omri which I'm sure will stay with him forever. We will certainly recommend this program to all our friends in New York who are planing on celebrating a bar mitzvah in Israel.

—The Sagi Family