Community Connections provides Jewish cultural, educational, and social programming for adults in the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue community.

Culturally Jewish in America

Join us as we explore the timeless and often perplexing nuances of being culturally Jewish in America — where our rich influence is evident in all aspects of life. On the menu: film, readings, and discussion. Led by Stephen Wise member Beth Gerson.

Culturally Jewish in America is on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m.

2017-18 Culturally Jewish in America Dates


March 28

April 25

May 23


Lunch and  Learn

Don’t miss this time to gather with new friends and old in a fun, casual atmosphere and to engage in lively conversation. Bring your own sandwiches and we’ll provide the soup, coffee, tea, and cookies!

2017-18 Lunch and Learn Meeting Dates

Lunch and Learn takes place on the second Tuesday of every month at 12 p.m. 


April 10

May 8
Led by Rabbi Rena Rifkin

June 12


Short Story Group

Join our monthly Short Story Group, where we read and discuss Jewish-themed material. Readings are distributed in person at meetings or emailed upon request. Suggestions for readings are welcome. Come every month or when you are able. New members are always welcome!

For more information and copies of the stories, please contact   or 212-877-4050, ext. 280.

The Short Story Group meets every third Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m.

2017-2018 Short Story Group Dates and Stories


April 19

May 17

June 21

Sunday Book Group

Join our Book Club for an exploration of classic and contemporary Jewish literature. Come every month or when you are able. New members are always welcome!

This year, our book group will be meeting in our members' homes. Please contact  our office at  or 212-877-4050, ext. 280 to learn where the next meeting will be located. 

2017-18 Sunday Book Group Dates and Books 


April 8
Joseph Kertes, The Afterlife of Stars

May 6
A.B. Yehoshua, The Extra


Writing Our Lives

Join Stephen Wise member Beth Gerson for this special opportunity to explore the connection between culture and identity through memoir writing. No moment, thought, or memory is too small to capture. Share your experiences through poetry, short stories, or personal essays.

The Writing Workshop is on the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m.

2017-18 Writing Workshop Dates


April 4

May 2

To learn more about Community Connections, contact    or 212-877-4050, ext. 280.