Our Domestic Civil Liberties Task Force is standing up for American democratic values as inspired by our Jewish tradition.

We are currently pursuing reproductive rights, voting protection, gun safety, and emerging issues. Sign up to get involved or email task force co-chairs at  .

Reproductive Rights 
We are committed to driving forward progressive legislation so that women can make choices about their own bodies. We are currently researching legislation through regular meetings and by working with grassroots organizations like Planned Parenthood of New York City. We are also working to forge coalitions with groups on the Upper West Side as well as throughout the five boroughs to create a strong and unified front for New York City reproductive rights.

Voting Rights
With an eye on both local and national legislation, this sub-group is focused on addressing critical issues in this area, which include laws and practices which suppress, discourage, or otherwise challenge the democratic right to vote. Through partnerships with community members working to build grassroots power, we are working to educate our community on these issues, to engage in voter engagement, and to work in coalition with other grassroots organizations to drive policy forward. 

Gun Safety
In response to recent tragedies in the United States, this subgroup will work on gun safety education and advocacy, including the the creation of a rallying program this spring.

Emerging Issues
This sub-group ensures that Stephen Wise responds to issues of injustice as they arise. Some areas we are exploring include environmental justice, LBGTQ issues, and disability justice.