Our Immigration and Refugees Task Force fights for the rights of people in the United States and overseas and brings our community closer together through direct service, action, and advocacy.  

We seek to create a safer world for refugees and immigrants, and to sensitize members of the Stephen Wise community to the human, Jewish, and American elements of immigration and refugee work. Sign up to get involved or email task force co-chairs at  .

We are guided by the following principles:

  • Immigration was a central component of the Declaration of Independence, and encourages us to welcome the foreigner through our American values.
  • The phrase “welcome the stranger” is the most common phrase in the Torah, and inspires us to fight for refugees and immigrants in accordance of our Jewish values.
  • We value the human needs and conditions that create a world where refugees simply need a home.
  • “Build with, not for:” We build relationships with immigrants and refugees and follow their direction in outlining how we might be of support.

Upcoming Events

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