Join Me On Our AIPAC Delegation


Marc Bernstein   January 21, 2020

Join Me On Our AIPAC Delegation

Dear Fellow Stephen Wise members,

Support for Israel has been central to Stephen Wise Free Synagogue's mission since its founding. In that spirit, I would like to invite you to join me and other members of the Board of Trustees and the Israel Committee on a delegation from Stephen Wise to attend the 2020 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., this March 1–3.

The Israel Committee has arranged for Stephen Wise members to receive a special discount to attend the conference (using the promotion code PC20SW). 

If you wish to attend or have any questions, please contact the Israel committee at 

Registration for the conference is through AIPAC* (click here).

Marc Bernstein
President, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a bipartisan organization committed to strengthening, protecting and promoting the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the United States and Israel. A registered domestic lobby supported by private contributions, AIPAC does not receive direction or financial assistance from Israel, any national organization or any foreign group. AIPAC is not a political action committee. It does not rate, endorse or contribute to candidates.

*AIPAC's privacy policy (and not Stephen Wise's privacy policy) will govern the collection and use of your information on the AIPAC website.