Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch Responds to the Florida School Shooting


Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch   February 15, 2018

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch Responds to the Florida School Shooting

Stephen Wise Free Synagogue deeply mourns the tragic deaths of so many innocent children and adults in Parkland, Florida. We pray for the complete and speedy recovery of the wounded.

As we have called for in all recent mass shootings, we demand that our country take concrete steps toward preventing the intolerably easy access to firearms. We must have a searing national discussion about why these acts of mass violence occur so frequently in our country, and no other developed country.

In Judaism, every life is precious: to take a life is akin to destroying the world. When children are killed, it is especially tragic. Adults are obligated to protect children. When they are harmed we must ask ourselves whether we did everything in our power to protect them. It is unacceptable to avoid facing the truth: Our leaders are failing us. We are failing ourselves. We are becoming desensitized to murder.

May God comfort the mourners and bring strength to those in need.