Take Comfort

"Even and especially in times of strife, the Jewish calendar demands joy…We need a respite from the chaos.” 

Rabbi Diana Fersko challenges us to find spiritual comfort this Shabbat instead of obsessing over the news or politics.



“Faith is a sacred treasure that we should nurture and cultivate.” Rabbi Diana Fersko explores how belief in God can enhance our modern lives.


Who Tells Your Story

"Whoever you are, and whatever group you are a part of, fight for the narrative that you know in your heart to be true." Rabbi Diana Fersko explores the Book of Issiah, the #MeToo movement, and the press response to Israeli Independence day while calling on minority communities to share their stories.


Sorry, Not Sorry

"How can we be more upright, more honest, and in more relationship with each other?" Rabbi Diana Fersko explores the importance of seeking forgiveness in Jewish tradition. 



"Let’s answer the call of our times and fight for justice." Rabbi Diana Fersko finds inspiration in the stories of Rashi and Moses while challenging the concept of an individual calling.