“It takes time – a long time – to find your true voice, to embody your authentic self, and to fulfill your purpose.” Rabbi Diana Fersko connects Abraham’s epic travels to the present-day plight of refugees and to Jewish self-discovery.



“The tension between transcendence and immanence is where Jewish spirituality thrives.” Rabbi Fersko relishes an intense spiritual energy after the High Holy Days.  “At our worst moments, our times of greatest desperation, God can be the most present.”


#MeToo: Justice for All

“What does it mean for all of us to be Jews in a #MeToo world? Can you really look me in the face after knowing that there has been a line of fellow congregants coming to tell me their #MeToo stories, and claim the intellectual progress we have made is enough?” asks our Rabbi Diana Fersko. “Now it is our turn to fight...5779 will be the year when we fulfill our sacred obligation to pursue tzedek, when, together, we will work towards a true justice for all.”