The Jewish Way

“We are commanded to be thankful even and especially in tough times.” In her Erev Rosh Hashanah sermon, Rabbi Diana Fersko reflects on gratitude as a Jewish response to difficult times.



“The litmus test for indifference is action," says Rabbi Diana Fersko. “What act can you do to demonstrate compassion for others?”


Hate, Hope, and Charlottesville

“Every single time we see anti-Semitism, we must address it,” says Rabbi Diana Fersko. Yet we must remain hopeful: “We are keeping Judaism alive through our traditions, our practice, and our knowledge.”


Shema Yisrael

“The Shema holds our historical legacy, our theological declaration, and our spiritual home,” says Rabbi Diana Fersko. “There’s a spirituality and a power to it, something beyond what we can understand.”


Law and Life

Reflecting on some of the legal issues of the day, Rabbi Diana Fersko concludes: “Basic beliefs drive decisions, even at the highest level. The law might be the body, but human morality is the heart.”