Law and Life

Reflecting on some of the legal issues of the day, Rabbi Diana Fersko concludes: “Basic beliefs drive decisions, even at the highest level. The law might be the body, but human morality is the heart.”


The In Between

Rabbi Diana Fersko finds a serious message behind a slapstick biblical fairytale. Our biblical characters are “like us — full of contradictions, richness, and mystery.”


Refugees in Greece

“Kindness can persist, even in the face of great evil.” Rabbi Diana Fersko reflects on visiting refugee shelters in Greece. “Our task is to cultivate that quality so that we never forget that we can extend a hand and do good in the world.”


Identity Politics

Rabbi Diana Fersko reflects on her identity as a Zionist and a feminist. “What would it mean to put Judaism before any other aspect of your identity?”


Are You Enough?

Rabbi Diana Fersko reflects on our pursuit of perfection and the miracles of Passover. “For a moment we should stop bettering ourselves, stop refining our lives, stop trying to be better, and just be.”