B’Tzedek Tirdof Tzedek: The Just Pursuit of Justice

“‘Tzedek, tzedek tirdof’ — ‘justice, justice shall you pursue’ — refers to the manner in which we seek justice,” says Rabbi Shira Gluck. “It is not enough to pursue justice; every action taken to achieve that justice must be done in a just manner. So what qualifies as just justice? The Torah is clear: justice is only justice when it applies to everyone equally.”


Telling Our Whole Story

“When we tell our own stories, are we being honest with ourselves?” asks Rabbi Shira Gluck. In this week’s ​parashah​, Moses recounts his receiving the Ten Commandments and then smashing them. Why? “For the sake of his own wholeness. The broken pieces were not buried or kept secret; they were placed in the Ark of the Covenant. We can truly thrive only when we remember — and tell — our whole story.”


Vision in the Midst of Crisis

“In the Kabbalistic telling, creation begins with a shattering that releases something sacred,” says Rabbi Shira Gluck. “Brokenness is at the very root of being. On this Shabbat Chazon — the Shabbat of vision — which punctuates a period of destruction and mourning, we can choose to see a crisis as a breaking point or as a breakthrough. All change brings some kind of loss, but loss and growth walk hand-in-hand.”


Bless You!

"How do we offer blessing to a person whom we feel threatened by, or who challenges us to our core?" asks Rabbi Shira Gluck. Our tradition reminds us that all humans are created in the image of God and so we honor the humanity of every person. We must remind ourselves of this and make space for each other, since "no one is created with malice, or evil, or cruelty."



Finding Our Way Back to Wonder

"Attuning ourselves to the small miracles of everyday life may help us move forward,” says Rabbi Shira Gluck. "This can be a sprout of hope as we wander the wilderness of this time, as our ancestors wandered the wilderness of Sinai.”