The Road to Change

Rabbi Samantha Natov shares lessons from Judaism on implementing lasting change in our lives. “We need to believe in the future in order to build the future.”


Look Within

The act of reflecting inwardly is woven into the very fabric of Jewish observance during this time of the year." Rabbi Samantha Natov inspires us to look inward in the days leading up to the High Holy Days.



“Shame has more power in our lives than many of us realize,” says Rabbi Samantha Natov. When we understand shame as vulnerability, “it becomes about being brave and courageous, rather than timid and intimidated.”


Challenging Texts

Rabbi Samantha Natov asks: What do we do with a narrative that does not resonate with our values? “If we skip over what is most violent, painful, or repulsive to us, we are denying the truth of human experience.”