Let Love Lead

Rabbi Samantha Natov recounts a particularly good day made so by cheerful people around her. “Our surroundings are the context within which we operate," she says. “Imagine how your day-to-day interactions would change if you tried to let love and compassion lead.”


Where is the Outrage?

Outraged after the latest attack on Jews at a kosher marketplace in Jersey City this week, Rabbi Samantha Natov asks and answers: “What can we do about the rise in anti-Semitism? We need to fight it – on every level, in every place and with everything we have.”


The Truth

“It may be that it is near impossible to agree on truth,” says Rabbi Samantha Natov, who challenges us: if truth is subjective, then why is it important for us to prioritize honesty?


Don’t Drop the Egg!

Rabbi Samantha Natov tells the story of a woman who imagined grandiose plans for a bright future and urges us to push ourselves to start taking the first steps toward change. “While our blueprint for change that we imagined over the High Holy Days can be a touchstone we return to for inspiration, strength and direction, we cannot simply reflect upon these plans; we need to put them into action.”