Where Are You?

Rabbi Samantha Natov asks us core questions for self-reflection. "When we move from one season to another, there is an organic opportunity to look inward, recalibrate, and take stock."



Showcasing our men’s shelter, Rabbi Samantha Natov considers the Jewish mandate to help those in need and shares comments from recent shelter volunteers, including: “It’s the easiest volunteer job ever with the most impact: all I’m doing is sleeping, and yet I am enabling the shelter to stay open.”


What Will You Do With Your Freedom?

"What privilege do we have that we can leverage on behalf of the persecuted and downtrodden?"

Rabbi Samantha Natov looks to our biblical forbearers and the comedy of Louis C.K. as she challenges our congregation to continue the Jewish tradition of doing good deeds.



“In these times of ‘alternative facts’ and fake news, we have the Torah, which offers us a pathway for ethical and moral coexistence,” Rabbi Samantha Natov says in this sermon.


Small Acts of Kindness

This Hanukkah, Rabbi Samantha Natov reminds us that we each have the potential bring light into the world.

"We witness a kind of miracle when we see how positivity spreads and grows exponentially."