Who Are We Now?

As we begin the Book of Numbers this week, Rabbi Samantha Natov explores how we redefine who we are in this liminal space and how this moment in time offers a chance for growth and renewal.


It's Your Fault

Rabbi Samantha Natov explores Judaism’s take on blame, delving into this week’s parashah and the episode of the scapegoat, over whom Aaron confessed all the Israelites’ iniquities before casting it away into the wilderness.


A Crisis of Faith

On Shabbat morning during Passover, Rabbi Samantha Natov discussed Moses' crisis of faith which paralleled that of the Israelites', leading them to create the Golden Calf. "The first thing Moses says to God is: 'Oh, please, let me behold Your presence.'" God lets Moses see His back as He passes by — a perfect metaphor for the experience of faith.