Harnessing Our Impulses

Jewish sages refer to a constant battle between the yetzer hatov and the yetzer hara – our good and bad impulses. Rabbi Samantha Natov urges us to channel our more destructive drives during this season of renewal – while the gates of repentance are open.


Cultivating Love

Rabbi Samantha Natov discusses the importance of giving love and approaching life with a generous heart. “When we let love lead, we open the potential for deepening our connections with one another. By letting love guide our actions, we bring more holiness into the world.”


The Courage To Bring Change

“Sometimes problems seem too big, and we don’t think we can make a difference,” says Rabbi Samantha Natov. "But we have stories that can inspire us and guide us.” When the Israelites were approaching the Promised Land, a group of sisters challenged the system of how the land would be divided – and their efforts paid off. “They found a way to effect change, and so can we.”


An Uncluttered State of Mind

“Being surrounded by clutter and chaos is not good for us,” says Rabbi Samantha Natov. “The rabbis teach that an orderly home can expand a person’s heart. When we get rid of the clutter, we make room for the holy.”


The Pursuit of Happiness

Rabbi Samantha Natov explores the human desire for happiness and fulfillment, and examines Judaism’s take on what it means to feel “spiritually whole” and “connected.” She reminds us to be mindful and present and to practice gratitude, and demonstrates how fulfilling mitzvot can give us a sense of purpose.