We urge you to take part in our refugee relief work in the five ways detailed here. Please help us so that we may aid as many refugees as possible; it is our moral obligation as Jews.

IsraAID and NOSTOS, our NGO partners, have informed us that there is a critical need for the following supplies that we will collect by Friday, May 19.

1. Donate used tablets and smartphones for a computer literacy center at a refugee shelter in Berlin. Please bring your gently used tablets and smartphones to the bin in the lobby. (View instructions on how to wipe your personal data from mobile devices.)

2. Donate supplies for hygiene kits that we will distribute to teenage boys at a refugee shelter in Greece. Kits consist of shampoos, conditioners, single-use razors, combs, toothbrushes, washcloths, and one-gallon plastic bags with zipper closure. Please bring your hygiene kit supplies to the bin in the lobby. (Please donate only the supplies listed here.)

3. Donate art supplies and books for children that we will provide to refugee shelters in Greece. New art supplies (crayons, paint brushes, etc.) and new or used books in English for children of all ages are welcome. Please bring your art supplies and books to the bin in the lobby. 

4. Help fund the following items that will support refugees at shelters in Greece:

  • Strollers ($100 each)
  • Wheelchairs ($300 each)
  • English lessons ($16.15 per hour for 5-6 children)
  • Extra suitcase so that we can transport supplies to Greece ($50)
You can fund any of these items OR MAKE A GENERAL DONATION IN SUPPORT OF OUR REFUGEE RELIEF WORK by FILLING OUT the form below. 


5. Encourage your friends to support our mission! Spread the word on social media by sharing these opportunities and using the hashtag #SWFSForRefugees.