Pathways to Judaism is a class especially designed for individuals and interfaith couples who are seeking conversion to Judaism.

Pathways to Judaism will help you to discover more about holidays, lifecycle events, Jewish history, theology, and other areas of interest. Through this holistic program, we will help you build your Jewish identity, explore difficult questions, and learn what you always wanted to know about Jewish life. We look forward to sharing your journey with you as you convert to Judaism. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Contact us for an initial, one-on-one conversation with Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch or Rabbi Shira Gluck to share your hopes, concerns, and questions while finding out more information about Pathways. 

As a Pathways to Judaism student, do I have full access to the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue community?

Yes!  Join us as we celebrate Shabbat, holidays (including High Holy Days), and immerse yourself in the joys of being supported by a vibrant Jewish community. As a Pathways student, you also have full access to clergy for lifecycle events and private meetings.

If I have a significant other, should he or she attend with me?

Yes. We strongly encourage your partner to participate if possible.

What if I change my mind?

Not all paths follow a straight line. If Judaism is not for you, or not for you right now, you can change your mind at any time.


“I explored Judaism in many different synagogues across three continents before I found Stephen Wise Free Synagogue and knew immediately that I had found the right place to study seriously for conversion.  Stephen Wise has the perfect combination of lively services, a welcoming community, and engaged and talented clergy.  I particularly appreciated the generosity and wisdom of the clergy in answering my (many!) questions and guiding me throughout the conversion process.  My conversion was the culmination of many years of learning and reflection, and Stephen Wise was the perfect place for me to transform this internal journey into an embrace of my place within the Jewish community.” 

"After deciding to convert to Judaism, I began synagogue shopping. I wanted to find the synagogue that was the best match for me. More importantly, I wished to find a rabbi with whom I knew I would be comfortable and could ask absolutely anything. I instantly knew that Rabbi Ammi Hirsch was that rabbi. He is warm, funny, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I met with Ammi once a month, bringing a long list of questions. We discussed these questions, as well any one of the dozens of books I was reading. After studying with Rabbi Hirsch for about 15 months, he believed that I was ready. I cannot imagine not being Jewish. I also cannot imagine my life without Stephen Wise Free Synagogue. Stephen Wise is small enough that everyone knows the clergy and staff on a personal level and big enough that there is always something to do. I am extremely grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and vibrant community and call Rabbi Ammi Hirsch 'my rabbi.'"


The New York Jewish Week
May 19, 2015

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