Mourning Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Mourning the passing of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z’’l, our Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch said: “Blessed with dazzling brilliance, Rabbi Sacks helped millions answer life’s central questions and dilemmas. And in so doing, he bestowed incomparable honor on Judaism and the Jewish people.”


Jewish Wisdom for Anxious Times

In this week’s parashah, Abraham’s trusted servant devises a test to find a wife for Isaac. “Once Eliezer saw Rebecca, he relaxed his standards,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch. “He realized that by setting the bar unrealistically high, people will disappoint you time after time. Especially in these trying times, try to be a little more patient.”


The Nightmare Ends

“As the Trump presidency ends we must work to strengthen the institutions of democracy,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch. “It turns out that the protecting walls of American democracy are more fragile than we imagined. In the coming years, we should seek to restore trust between the polarized segments of American society — fighting, when necessary, but compromising when possible.”


At the Crossroads

“I am deeply worried about our country,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch on the Shabbat before Election Day. “The American experiment rests on two central propositions that are under withering assault: the right to vote, and the peaceful transfer of power. On this last Shabbat before our fateful choice, we pray for the peace of our nation.”


Gal Gadot As Cleopatra

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch wades into the controversy surrounding the casting of Gal Gadot as Cleopatra that’s been roiling the Twitterverse: “Why shouldn’t an Israeli portray an ancient Middle Eastern queen? The subtlety and power of art are being lost in the maelstrom of rage and political correctness that is contemporary cancel culture.”