Don Quixote at Rest

“Even if we are devoted to attacking the windmills of injustice, the righteous fight itself might grind us down,” Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch says. “We need to step back — and pursue — the other principles that count” such as love, compassion, and wisdom.


Thoughts and Prayers

“With every new massacre, it has become easier for us to move on,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch. “Instead of just thoughts and prayers, we need deeds, actions, resolutions, and resolve.” 


Marathon Man

After the recent terrorist attack, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch finds symbolism in the New York City Marathon. “Above all else, the race tests persistence, endurance, and our will to continue.”


Suite 117

Rabbi Hirsch urges American Reform Jews to establish and fund a stronger progressive movement in Israel to counter the intensifying religious extremism of the country’s ultra-Orthodox monopoly.