Seizing Children From Parents

“Judaism survived because a privileged and comfortable adult – Pharaoh’s daughter – had compassion on a Jewish refugee child." Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch references the story of Moses and reminds us of the principles of our founding fathers in response to the humanitarian crisis on our border. “Everything we receive from Jewish tradition pleads with us to get involved."


A Sad Week

“It is one thing to point out – rightly – human suffering.  But you cannot be neutral between liberal democracy and authoritarian coercion, between respect for human life and contempt for life, between dignity and cruelty, between self-defense and terror.  To confuse democracies with autocracies, to confuse terrorists with their victims, is a moral disease.“ Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch responds to recent events by the Gaza border.  


Israel at 70

"We cannot fully understand the contemporary Jewish experience, or live complete Jewish lives, without Israel being part of our Jewish identity."

In celebration of Yom Haatzmaut, Israel Independence Day, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch honors our history of achievement and explores how Israel's existence allows us to serve as agents of progress and social repair.