The Superheroes of Florida

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch reflects on the Florida teenagers fighting gun violence and our moral obligation to support them. “Heroism is the sustained advancement towards a moral goal when the gaze of the world has moved on — and you are left only with your grief, motivation, and values to sustain you.”


Peak Performance

“Train yourselves and your children for moral performance as you would train yourselves for physical performance,” Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch says. “Do moral workouts. Spend part of every day practicing moral deeds.”


Witold Pilecki

Responding to Poland’s new law that makes it a crime to accuse the Polish nation of complicity in the Holocaust, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch remembers a Polish officer who fought the Nazi invasion of his homeland with exceptional moral fortitude and courage.


Finding Happiness at Yale

“The human spirit responds to and is strengthened by goodness, kindness, social connections, family, and friends — precisely the rewiring that the Hebrew prophets emphasized nearly three thousand years ago,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch.


The Bible Meets Technology

“Religion is more important to us than ever,” Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch says. “The Torah reminds us that machines serve us — not the opposite. We seek to make technology our tool, not our taskmaster.”