Lesbos Love

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch reflects on the synagogue’s refugee relief mission to Greece and Germany. “We are a tiny corner of the world on 68th Street, but still, we did a lot of good.”


The Human Spirit

There is an essential truth that should govern our behavior, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch says. “You can give of yourself without depleting yourself. The spirit of God rests upon you. You can — you must — share it with others.”  



“What the Bible is teaching more than anything else is that human beings need other human beings,” Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch says in this sermon. “Practically everything we have, and everything we know, comes from other people.”


Israel Independence Day

In a day and age when “it is hard for us to appreciate Jewish independence because it is our daily reality,” Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch finds inspiration for renewed commitment to Israel in his favorite biblical passage.