Making America Great: Inauguration Day 2017

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch reminds us that we must always preserve and defend the Jewish tradition’s core values. “Our greatness is not only in cherishing and speaking of these values, but in living up to them and instilling them in the lifeblood of the nation.”


Whitefish, Montana

Reflecting on hate speech that has recently plagued the small Jewish community of Whitefish, Montana, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch considers the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."


Under the 59th Street Bridge

Through the lens of the biblical story of Joseph’s reunion with his brothers, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch reflects on a deeply Jewish idea: that there is a guiding force in the universe.

“Joseph could not unravel what forces brought him to the throne of Egypt. He only senses a deep connection between events that was mystical, even magical. He described this feeling as God and destiny.”


Hanukkah: The Seventh Night

"Twas the seventh day of Hanukkah, and all through the night, Jews were observing Shabbat with delight." Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch mesmerized listeners of all ages with his fun take on a classic poem.