The Big and the Small of the Matter

Bigger people have a responsibility to smaller people.” Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch discusses the obligations outlined in this week’s parashah, Emor. “To diminish people who are not quite as big in responsibility or social status violates the image of God that is inherent in each of us.


The Dignity of Labor

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch delves into what the this week’s parashah has to say about labor and providing for those less fortunate: “Why do we have obligations to those who cannot support themselves? The Torah is emphatic: it's about human dignity.”


How Will We Heal?

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch has always been a bit intimidated by this week’s parasha, Tazria-Metzora, which deals with treating those afflicted with disease. “It lays out a path for these people to be quarantined and then let back into society. Healing is not only a medical process; it’s also a spiritual and religious process.


New York Strong

"New York's streets are silent now, but our city will come back noisy as ever," says our Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch. "As we rebuild, we, ourselves, will be rebuilt."