We’re All In This Together

We never really think about how connected we are with everybody else,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch. “This week's Torah portion emphasizes that Moses assembled the entire people of Israel in order to complete the tabernacle. Like the Israelites, to defeat this unseen enemy — COVID-19 — each of us has a role to play.”

Friday's full Kabbalat Shabbat service is here.


Social Distancing

As we focus on “social distancing” and staying healthy in the challenging months ahead, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch urges us “to focus on the things that really matter to us: life, family, friends, meaning, purpose.”



“When we are anxious and afraid, we often act unintelligently — with little wisdom and with pervasive cruelty,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch. As the coronavirus looms, what we need is a good, strong dose of courage, sense and heart.


Contemplating Moral Leadership

As our country grapples with political turmoil and gears up for another divisive election, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch contemplates the moral character of leaders. “The indispensable criterion for leadership is moral awareness,” he says.


The Institutions of Our Lives

“These days, trust in our most critical institutions is in distressing decline,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, who discussed how public confidence has eroded when it comes to the media, the courts, schools, churches and synagogues. “Inspiration does not reside in our institutions unless we take care to uphold institutional values.”