Contemplating Moral Leadership

As our country grapples with political turmoil and gears up for another divisive election, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch contemplates the moral character of leaders. “The indispensable criterion for leadership is moral awareness,” he says.


The Institutions of Our Lives

“These days, trust in our most critical institutions is in distressing decline,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, who discussed how public confidence has eroded when it comes to the media, the courts, schools, churches and synagogues. “Inspiration does not reside in our institutions unless we take care to uphold institutional values.”


My Depressing Uplifting Week

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch discusses his long depressing, uplifting week — including the march against anti-Semitism on Sunday, his remarks to Fieldston students on Thursday, and his advice to parents for raising proud Jewish children.


On Human Dignity

“We are numb to the damage that our culture of shame wreaks,” says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, as he examines the lengths we go to protect our dignity in this week’s parasha. “Dignity is the very essence of what makes us human. The Talmud tells us that when Rabbi Elazar was about to die he gave one final teaching to summarize all others: ‘May each of you be very careful of the dignity of others.’”