On Anger

In this week’s parasha, Moses became so enraged that he took the tablets – described by the Torah as being carved by the very finger of God – and shattered them into pieces. In this era of anger, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch cautions, the enraged are often impervious to reason – but anger can also be a force for good.


The More Things Change

Despite the characteristic rapid social changes of our times, we know what kind of behavior is right and what's wrong, says Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, who discusses the ongoing controversy in Virginia's state government and the great sage, Elazar, who sinned but repented and vowed to change his ways.


I’m There For You…

“With every technological advance – something is lost.” Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch braved sub-zero temperatures to encourage us to create warmth by avoiding distractions and building meaningful relationships.


The Women’s March

As mounting accusations of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel advocacy roil the national Women’s March movement, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch announced that Stephen Wise Free Synagogue will disassociate from Women’s March Inc., and that it will join the 2019 Women’s March On NYC under the auspices of Women’s March Alliance.


“This January 19th, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue will be joining the Women’s March On NYC, to show our unyielding support for women’s rights the best way we know how. However, we are disassociating from Women’s March Inc., the national entity that coordinated the 2017 and 2018 marches – and will host the upcoming 2019 march – on Washington, D.C.,” said Hirsch. “We are not disassociating from the original goals of Women’s March. To the contrary, we are joining other progressive organizations that have also been critical of Women’s March Inc. and share the same concerns we have: that its current leadership has distorted the values and thwarted the goals articulated on that amazing January day in 2017.”


The Porcupine’s Solution

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch discusses the painful reconciliation of Jacob’s sons in the Book of Genesis, and how we should seek to release unresolved anger in our lives.

“I meet so many people who cannot forgive and cannot forget the offense of one who was once so close. Try to come closer. Take the first step of reconciliation. A cold peace is still better than a hot war.”