Stephen Wise Free Synagogue recognizes the bar/bat mitzvah process as a very special and emotional experience for each family. Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, Cantor Daniel Singer, and the entire staff at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue will ensure that this is a meaningful and personal occasion for your family. 

The bar/bat mitzvah ceremony marks a transformation in the role your child will play in the Jewish community. The Talmud (a collection of rabbinic teachings spanning the second through sixth centuries) teaches us that until a child is 13 years old, their actions are the responsibility of their parents. After that age, they become responsible for their own actions. While we know that in practice, a 13-year-old is not quite an adult, we use this ceremony to commemorate a new stage in your child’s development.

This is a time during which important discussions regarding their education and religious life can be shared with them. In Pirkei Avot, it is written “At 13, one is ready to do mitzvot.” The bar/bat mitzvah ceremony recognizes this shift in the role of the child and represents a major lifecycle event in your child’s journey towards becoming a Jewish adult.

Preparation for the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony is an exciting process. The skills your child will learn will enable him or her to become a mature participant in synagogue life, and marks the beginning of Jewish adulthood.  

Questions? We are here to help you through this journey toward bar/bat mitzvah.


Whitney Diamond, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Coordinator

Irit Losar, Assistant to Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch

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Donna Levine, Membership and Projects Coordinator

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Cantor Dan Singer

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Cantor Joyce Gerber, B'nai Mitzvah Tutor

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