This year's musical play:

"Stephen Shpielberg's Upper West Side Story"

Monday, March 9, 2020, at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue

Rehearsals for adults and children 13 years and older start on Wednesday, January 8, at 7:00 p.m. Please RSVP or address any questions to , or call Rabbi Samantha Natov at (212) 877-4050, ext. 244.

Children spielers ages seven to 12 do not need to audition, and will be asked to join rehearsals starting on January 26. Sign them up now by emailing !

Directed and choreographed by Hayley Wright | Music directed by Ben Boecker

Musical parodies by Cantor Dan Singer | Book and additional lyrics by Barrett Zinn Gross and and Jessica Fleitman

Starring Stephen Wise Members and the Junior Spielers


A 30+ Year Tradition of Megillah Musicals

For more than 30 years, the annual purim spiel has been one of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue's most popular traditions. It features congregants of all ages and levels of talent.

Maybe you have questions, or want to help out behind the scenes? Email  or call Rabbi Samantha Natov at (212) 877-4050, ext. 244.

Over 30 Years of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue Megillah Musicals:

1988 The Megillah According to Broadway
1989 The Megillah According to Hollywood
1990 The Megillah According to Television
1991 The Megillah Returns to Broadway
1992 The Megillah According to Rodgers & Hammerstein
1993 The Megillah According to Irving Berlin
1994 The Megillah According to Hollywood
1995 The Big, Bad, Broadway Megillah
1996 The Megillah According to Frank Sinatra
1997 The Megillah According to Walt Disney
1998 The Megillah According to Rock 'n Roll
1999 The Megillah According to The Beatles
2000 Megillah Memories
2001 The Motown Megillah
2002 The Megillah According to The Beach Boys
2003 The Megillah Goes to Woodstock
2004 Chicago – The Megillah
2005 The Megillah Goes to Nashville
2006 Purim Night Fever – The Disco Megillah
2007 The Megillah Has Soul
2008 Grease - The Megillah
2010 Les Miz – Les Megillah
2011 Michael Jackson’s The Thriller Megiller
2012 A Very GLEE Megillah
2013 Oh What A Shpiel! The Jersey Boys Megillah
2014 The Book of Norman – A Broadway Megillah
2015 All Shook Up – The Elvis Megillah
2016 The Megillah According to Andrew Lloyd Webber
2017 Billy Joel – The Megillah Man
2018 Don't Stop The Spielin': A Rock Megillah
2019 Purim Goes Pop: A Top 40 Spiel

For 29 years, the spiel was written and directed by congregant Norman Roth (see him profiled in The New York Times here).